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Protection of identity
If you select to be anonymous you don’t need to supply your name or any information that might reveal your identity. Nobody will ever know that you tipped us off. Unfortunately this will mean that we cannot contact you for more information if we need to.
Partially anonymous
If you select to be partially anonymous, then your personal details will be known to only the Deloitte Contact Centre that manages this tip-off facility. At no time are these details divulged to FirstRand. If needed, the Deloitte Contact Centre will contact you to obtain further information.
If you agree to the confidential disclosure of your personal details, then your name and contact details will be known to the Deloitte Contact Centre, the FirstRand Ethics Office and the investigators that will conduct the investigation.

We encourage you to share as much information as you can with us, as this will assist us to better investigate your tip-off.

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